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The truth is you could be getting paid right now! You just need to make sure you are getting paid for the value you are delivering. You can do it with a few simple steps and without spending any money on products or services!

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Our comprehensive toolbox of options will help you quickly and easily craft an engaging website that speaks to your target customers. Reach out to new prospects and connect with existing customers in an all new way. And, when it's time to make money, you'll be more than prepared to do so thanks to's powerful monetization capabilities.

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"Here's my honest feedback: I have been on the internet since 1995, and have used multiple methods of making money online. I have always had a hard time getting my butt in gear and actually doing what it takes to succeed. But, after trying FreeSites, I found a program that actually fits my needs and is working great for me!"

Jessie S.

Meet The Founder


Introducing Jeff Lapides, a seasoned entrepreneur and business expert with over six decades of experience. Jeff's journey in the business world began at the young age of 8, selling greeting cards door-to-door. This early start set the foundation for his continued success in the business world. Over the years, Jeff has honed his skills in various industries, from affiliate marketing to creating the fourth-largest private ad network on Facebook and now FreeSites!

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We help you create a positive impact, while helping you create the freedom you deserve.

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